After dealing with the frustration of having my phpBB board hacked by a worm, I decided it was time to create my own forum system. This forum was created originally for but has come in handy for other projects. It also integrates with the art gallery and Oekaki ShiPainter.

PHP, MySQL, Smarty Templates, HTML, CSS, UTF-8, CKEditor

Art Gallery preview

Art Gallery

The primary interaction on is posting your artwork for the world to see. PaperDemon has an art gallery system that goes well beyond the average photo sharing site.

Key Features:

  • folders for organizing artwork
  • tag cloud
  • administrator maintained category infrastructure
  • favorites, comments, sharing
  • moderator back end for flagging artwork that violates site rules
  • credit multiple artists
  • oekaki ShiPainter integration

2003, but re-developed since then
PHP, MySQL, Smarty Templates, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, UTF-8, CKEditor

Comics preview


A unique aspect to PaperDemon is the Comics component. It allows for proper showcasing of sequential art (such as multi page comics and manga). It has many of the same features of the Art Gallery but with proper navigation and relationship of multiple images.

Key Features

  • multiple images associated with one comic
  • pages can be separated into story arcs
  • favorites and commenting
  • easy and fast navigation to go from one page to the next


Comments preview


PaperDemon is a rich user generated content site. Commenting is a common way that users interact. I created a reusable and configurable commenting system that easily integrates with the following components: Art, Writing, Blogs, and Comics.

Key Features

  • Posting and navigating interaction with AJAX.
  • upload attachment with comment
  • threading
  • emoticons and avatars
  • AJAX inbox interface for quickly replying to new comments received

2003, complete rewrite in 2010
PHP, MySQL, Smarty Templates, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, UTF-8